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Small Capacity Fluting Paper Making Line Machine

The customer purchased a complete set of  machine for their fluting paper project. They all agreed that our fluting paper making line machine has the advantages of high quality, high efficiency and low cost. Our company’s  machine will make you more competitive than your competitors.

Fluting Paper Making Line Details

1. Pulp making process
D type hydrapulper-high density cleaner-inclined screen-first stage coarse screen-light impurity separator-reject separator-first stage low density cleaner-second stage low density cleaner-third stage low density cleaner-fine screen -inclined screen-pulp chest agiataor- double disc refiner-inclined screen
2. Fluting paper making machine
Raw material: waste paper, wood pulp
Output paper: fluting paper, corrugated paper, cardboard paper
Production capacity: 60tpd
Trimmed width: 2400 – 3200mm
Basis weight: 60 – 150gsm

For price and details of fluting paper making line machine, our experts will provide you the best quotation. Of course, if you need other equipment in the paper mill production line, we can also meet your needs. Feel free to contact us.

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