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Some Suggestions For Beating

Beating is an essential program to satify the papermaking demand, and there are some useful knowledge about beating that requires paper workers to pay attention. For example, when the ash content of the paper sheet is too low, the beating degree can be increased to close the circulation to increase the filler retention rate, etc.

Beating Experience For Paper Mill

1) The adhesion between the paper and the cylinder surface is not enough, which can improve the degree of beating to solve this problem.

2) The paper sticking drying cylinder indicates that the paper sheet structure is too tight, which may be due to excessive fine fibers, which can be improved by reducing the degree of beating.

3) The freeness of the slurry is large, and the creases of the floating edge often appear. If other indicators are qualified, it should be ensured that there is sufficient decomposing degree.

4) The paper spot is mainly because the paper is not well disintegrated in the pulper (improves the capacity of the crusher; it may require sticky beating; if the beater is used as a disintegrator, it will not achieve the desired effect)

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