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Tailing Pulp Process Machine Reject Separator

In the tailing pulp process, there is a large amount of residues that need to be processed. The reject separator is a hot-selling and advanced equipment of our company. Our company’s tailing pulp process machine reject separator is mainly applied for fiber removal and residue impurity separation in waste paper pulp coarse screening system.

Reject Separator Advantages

1. Sorting machine is an ideal equipment for tail treatment.
2. Normal pressure sealing operation, continuous slag discharge, high working efficiency.
3. European standard pulley, stainless steel cutter.
4.Openable upper cover makes maintenance simple and convenient.
5. Simplify system processes and save power consumption.
6. Significantly improve the sorting efficiency and optimize the operating environment.

Besides reject separator, we also have other waste paper pulp processing equipment, such as pulpers. In paper mills, our reject separator has been installed in many projects. If you want to know the price and details, please send us an email or leave a message.
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