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The Method To Solve Paper Curl


The main reason for the curling of the paper web during the papermaking process is that the paper itself has two sides, and the drying curve is unreasonable, and the shrinkage of the two sides is unbalanced. Therefore, the raw materials, the papermaking process, and the environmental conditions can be adjusted.

Raw Material

1. The ratio of slurry can be adjusted, and the slurry having a small coefficient of wet expansion is selected;

2. Appropriately reduce the beating degree of the slurry to reduce the wet expansion coefficient of the sheet;


1. Adjust the pulp network speed ratio, outlets and spray angle;

2. Adjust the vacuum of forming element and the amount of dewatering element, the performance parameters of forming fabric;


By gradually increasing the pressure to alleviate the dehydration, a more uniform Z-direction sheet structure can be obtained. Such as shoe press, keeping the upper and lower felts clean, is beneficial to reduce curl; select the appropriate pressure roller in the middle.

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