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Vacuum Pump For Paper Machine Manufacturer

The vacuum pump is rotary variable-capacity, it must be equipped with a foreline pump and can be used in a wide pressure range. The pumping speed is not sensitive to dust and water vapor in the extracted gas.

How To Use Vacuum Pump Properly

In the vacuum pump, the vacuum pump oil not only acts as a medium for obtaining vacuum, but also lubricates, cools and seals the mechanical friction points, its main performance requirements are as follows:
1. Very low vapor pressure
2. Suitable viscosity and good viscosity-temperature characteristics
3. Good thermal oxidation stability
4. Good corrosion resistance and demulsibility
5. Higher flash point
6. Lower ultimate pressure

Maintenance Method Of Vacuum Pump

1. Check the oil level position frequently. If it does not meet the requirements, it must be adjusted to meet the requirements. When operating with a vacuum pump, the oil level is at the center of the oil standard.
2. Check the oil quality frequently and find that the oil should be replaced in time to ensure that the vacuum pump works normally.
3. Conditionally clean the tube to ensure smooth flow.

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