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Vacuum Pump In Paper Production Line

Water ring vacuum pumps are mostly used in the vacuum systems of large paper machines. Water ring vacuum pumps require less maintenance work, consume less power than the former, and have a large stand-alone capacity.

Water Ring Vacuum Pump

1. When using a water ring vacuum pump, a one-pump double-chamber vacuum pump with a partition can be selected. The two cavities correspond to vacuum components with different vacuum requirements and work under different vacuum degrees.

2. The reduction in the number of vacuum pumps not only saves equipment investment, but also reduces the total installed capacity of the motor, thereby reducing energy consumption and system operating costs. At the same time, it occupies less space and saves capital investment.

3. The pumping speed of the vacuum pump is determined according to the exhaust speed of the vacuum element, the degree of vacuum, the average pressure in the pipe, the pipe diameter and the pipe length.

4. When arranging the vacuum pump, try to focus on the area close to the vacuum element, shorten the length of the vacuum pipe, and reduce the energy consumption of the system.

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