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Waste Carton Recycling Line Machine

For paper mill project, we have waste carton recycling line machine, which can be used in kraft liner paper pulping line. Certainly, if you need whole paper production line, we can also supply it.

Waste Carton Recycling Line Machine Details

Chain Conveyor → D Type Hydrapulper → Incliner thickener → High density cleaner → 1st Stage mid-consistency coarse screen → Fiber separator → Reject separator → Mid Consistency Cleaner → Fiber Lip Screen → 1st Low Density Cleaner → 2nd Low Density Cleaner → 3rd Low Density Cleaner → 1st Stage Fine Screen → 1st Stage Mid-consistency Fine Screen → Inclined thickener → Double Disc Refiner

This waste carton recycling line is desiged by our enginner to meet customes’ production demand. If you have less or larger yield, we also have other specific process for your paper mill project.

For price and more information about our machine, welcome to email or message us. Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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