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Waste Paper D Type Hydrapulper Manufacturer

Adopting waste paper to make paper, D type hydrapulper can be used in different kinds of paper mill project, such as kraft paper, craft paper, corrugated paper, etc.

As a leading manufacturer, D type hydrapulper has high quality and energy saving for paper pulping. It can break various kinds of pulp board, broke paper and waste paper, such as occ, aocc, locc, etc.

Waste Paper D Type Hydrapulper Manufacturer For Paper Pulping

1. Suitable for material: pulp board, broke paper, waste paper
2. Consistency: 3-5%
3. 15 model to meet your needs.
4. Have new type energy-saving VOKES rotor to strengthen hydraulic circulation and fiber relief.
5. Shorten pulping time, improve production capacity.

If you need, we have full set of waste paper recycling machine for paper pulping. In order to suit for different demand, we also supply drum pulper, vertical hydrapulper, etc. Welcome to contact us for more details about D type hydrapulper and manufacturer.

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