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Waste Paper Drum Pulper On Sale

In waste paper recycling line, pulping and paper making project, we have drum pulper on sale. For pulp and paper mill, it can improve efficiency and save energy.

Waste Paper Pulping Drum Pulper On Sale

1. Equipment: drum pulper
2. Type: ZG series
3. Production capacity: 70 – 1800t/d
4. Working consistency: 14 – 18%
5. Role: mainly used for continuously gentle pulping and coarse screening of waste paper under high consistency.
6. Advantages: continuously pulp and preliminarily screen, simplify process, stably operate, improve the quality of accept pulp, increase fiber recovery rate, reduce investment cost, etc.

As a manufacturer, we also have waste paper recycling equipment, including this drum pulper, cleaner on sale for paper mill. About price and details, welcome to email or message us.

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