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Drum Pulper Equipment To Guangdong Paper Mill


In August, 2017, Leizhan deliver the 3750 drum pulper equiment to Guangdong paper mill for paper making project, there are some details about drum pulper equipment.

Drum Pulper Work Principle

Firstly, the raw material is conveyed into the drum pulper pre-soaking part for mixing the raw material and water entirely, after soaking, the raw material will go into the pulping part, with the effect of continuous rotation of drum pulper, the raw material will constant fall and strike, under the mild pulping action of shear force and friction, the raw amterial will be into single fiber. Then the pulp will go into screening part, the dilution water pipe in screening part will wash the pulp, so that the accept go through the screen hole and into the pulp chest, and the impurity will be continuous elutriated, finally discharged out.

Drum Pulper Technical Data

Type: ZG3750

Drum Diameter: Φ3750

Production Capacity: 550-800t/d

Working Consistency: 14%-18%

Motor Power: 630-800kw

Customer Information


Time: August, 2017

Project:Drum Pulper Equipment For Paper Making

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