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Drum Pulper For Fireworks Paper Project Hunan, China

drum-pulper-for-fireworks-paper-project-hunan, china

In July, 2017, Leizhan Company successfully delivers paper making process equipment drum pulper for Hunan 120,000 tons fireworks paper making project. Leizhan drum pulper equipment is widely used in paper mills and praised by customer for its feature.

Drum Pulper Equipment Feature

Drum Pulper is a continuous pulper equipment for gentle pulping, it can improve the pulp quality and reduce the follow-up equipment burden and wear. What’s more, drum pulper low power consumption, and without quick-wear parts, that’s will greatly save cost.

Customer Information

Customer: Hunan Paper Making Mills

Time: July, 2017

Project: Drum Pulper Equipment For Fireworks Paper Making

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