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Grey Board Paper Making Line


Generally, paper production is divided into two basic processes: pulp and papermaking. The pulp is a mechanical method, a chemical method or a combination of the two to dissociate vegetable fiber material from natural pulp or bleached pulp. Papermaking is a paper pulp that is suspended in water and combined into various papers to meet various requirements.

Paper Pulping Process

Put the small piece of raw material into the digester, add the chemical liquid, steam it with steam, boil the raw material into pulp, or freeze the wood to the wood grinder and grind it into pulp.

Washing And Screening

The pulp is then washed with a large amount of fresh water, and the slurry is cut and purified to remove coarse slabs, knots, stones, sand, and the like.

Paper Making Process

Bleaching – Beating – Purification Screening – Wire Section Filtration – Press Dewatering – Drying – Calender Winding – Slitting Rewinding

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