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Main Pulp Machines For Saudi Arabia Paper Mill

main pulp machines for saudi arabia paper mill

Recently, Leizhan have successfully completed the delivery of new pulp equipment Pressure screen, High density cleaner, Pulp pump, etc. for Saudi Arabia Paper Mill.

By importing Leizhan high quality stock preparation equipment, the customer’s production line efficiency can be greatly improved and achieve long service life and stable running of the production line.

Pressure screen: Pressure screen is mainly used for coarse and fine screening of various waste paper pulp. Contact with pulp parts is stainless steel, NSK bearing, automatic oil injection device from Korea, automatic water alarm device from Finland, double mechenical seal, best screen basket, the base is one complete plate one time compact forming……

High density cleaner: Leizhan PLC control high density cleaner can be applied to remove all kinds of heavy impurities in paper pulp, equipped with wear resistance ceramics cone, long service life.

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