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Waste Paper Pulping Drum Pulper Equipment

Drum Pulper integrates pulping and screening, and is especially suitable for the pulping of unsorted waste paper raw materials. For expanding the recycling and utilization of secondary fibers, reducing environmental pollution, saving energy, realizing the localization of paper making equipment, saving foreign exchange, and having greater economic and social benefits, During its operation, light and heavy impurities can be removed as much as possible and also can reduce the following process burden.

Main Characteristics Of Drum Pulper

1. Perfect fiber disintegration.
2. Excellent quality of pulp.
3. Significant energy saving effects.
4. Good deinking mechanism.
5. Reliable continuous slagging system.
6. Reduce equipment costs.
7. Saving labor.
8. Minimum maintenance costs.

This waste paper pulping equipment can continuous pulp and preliminary screen and gently pulp under 14%-18% high consistency to uttermost maintain the physical property of fiber.

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