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Zambia 45TD T-Paper Production Project

Recently, we received an order from Zambia, and our customer requires some pulp machines for their 45TD T-Paper production project, which mainly includes D Type Hydrapulper, Refiner, High Density Cleaner, Low Density Cleaner, Reject Separator, Inflow Pressure Screen, M.C. Pressure Screen, Agitator, Grapple, etc. Hope these equipments can bring them profit early.

45TD T-Paper Making Machine Information

Raw material: Waste cardboard, LOCC

Product paper:T-paper, cardboard paper

Basis weight: 80-350g/m2

Net paper width: 2400mm

Wire width:2850mm

Production capacity: 45T/D

Track distance: 3200mm

Working speed: 80-120m/min

Transmission mode: AC frequency conversion speed regulation

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