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Annual Output Of 500,000 Tons Pulp Recycled Fiber Machine

“Complete equipment for recycled fiber pulp with an annual output of 500,000 tons” is a high-efficiency and energy-saving pulp project independently developed by Zhengzhou Leizhan Machinery in response to the national double-carbon strategy. This project is mainly used in the initial stage of producing high-quality packaging paper.

Pulp Recycled Fiber Information

1. The self-developed ZG4250 drum pulper, energy-saving concave-convex coarse screen, turbulent screen drum, etc. are used to crush, remove slag, and screen the recycled fiber.
2. The pulping line adopts jet flow technology as a whole, which has the advantages of short process, small floor space and low investment.
3. Regenerated fiber pulp has lower energy consumption, more advanced technology, lower fiber loss rate and higher debonding rate.

This pulp recycled fiber machine has advantages of high efficiency, less energy consumption, better effect and quality output paper. Welcome to email or message us.
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