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2850mm Tissue Paper Making Line

Everyone uses large number of tissue paper in their daily lives, so there is a great demand for tissue paper in the market. The designed 2850mm tissue paper machine from Leizhan meets the demand, usually using wood pulp and white shavings used as raw material. Leizhan company could provide complete set of machinery for pulp and paper production line.

2850mm Tissue Paper Pulp Making Line

Pulping: Raw material will be conveyed into M.C.Hydrapulper or D Type Hydrapulper for pulping

Cleaning: High Density Cleaner and Low Density Cleaner will be used for discharging heavy impurities outside

Screening: Coarse and fine screening of paper pulp will be finished by M.C Pressure Screen, Reject Separator and Inflow Pressure Screen, etc.

Refining: Pulp Refiner will be applied in improving the beating degree of paper pulp

2850mm Tissue Paper Machine Main Specification

Paper Kind: Toilet paper,Kitchen towel,Napkins,Facial Tissue,etc.
Trimmed Width: 2850mm
Basis Weight:13-25g/m²
Operating Speed: 600m/min
Production Capacity: 28tpd

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