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3600mm Living Paper Machine

Every family consumes a lot of living tissue every day, such as napkins, facial tissues, toilet paper, etc. At the request of old customers, Leizhan company provides 3600mm living tissue paper machine and a full set of pulping equipment, with less maintenance and less investment.

Main Data Of 3600mm Living Paper Machine

Raw materail: White shavings, Wood pulp
Paper kind: facial tissue, toilet paper, napkins, kitchen towel, hand towel
Production capacity: 16t/d
Trimmed width: 3600mm
Power consumption: AC380V / 220V ± 10%
Working pressure: under 0.6 Mpa
Highest temperature: 35 °C

Living Paper Machine Pulping Line

1.Pulping: The raw material were put into the Hydrapulper pulping.
2.Cleaning: The pulp may be contained impurities, so we need the high density cleaner to remove these impurities.
3.Removing Water: Using incline Screen to remove the water contained in the pulp.
4.Refining: The pulp will enter the refiner to grading and the fiber will be cut more shorter.Then the finished fine pulp will enter the head box for paper machine.

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