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4600mm Fluting Paper Machine in Paper Manufacturing Mill

Fluting paper is a very popular wrapping paper on the market. 4600mm fluting paper machine provided by Leizhan for paper manufacturing mill has stable operation, less consumption and less maintenance. Besides, we also provide a full range of pulping equipment and spare parts.

4600mm Fluting Paper Machine Data

Paper Grade: Fluting testliner paper
Design basis weight: 120g/㎡
Basis Weight range: 90-180g/㎡
Production (100% efficiency): 322 t/24h
Width of paper on reel: 4660 mm
Width of paper on winder: 4600 mm
Wire width: 5100 mm
Headbox outflow width: 4950 mm
Mill power supply: 380Volts, 50 Hz
Target production speed of sheet on reel : 400 m/min
Working pressure of Steam: 5 bar

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