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Arc Screen For Pulp Making Line

As we all know, during produce paper, pulping plays an vital role in paper making process. So our company supply complete set of pulp equipment, such as pulp machine arc screen, which could help fiber recovery, pulp concentration. The arc screen has high efficiency and does not damage the fiber structure. Here are some information about it.


1. Fiber recycling: process white water in various pulping and papermaking processes, and recycle fibers.
2. Pulp concentration: the concentration of receiving pulp and tailing pulp in the screening and purification system; the concentration of damaged pulp.
3. White water purification: paper machine white water purification is used for spraying water; paper machine press water is reused after purification.
4. Fiber classification: long and short fiber classification, separation of large fiber bundles.
5. Separation of fiber and filler: deinking pulp washing, washing off coating damage pulp.
6. Sewage treatment: removal of suspended solids.

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