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Double Disc Refiner In Paper Pulping Line

Double disc refiner in paper pulping line is mainly applied in pulping and improving pulp beating degree to satisfy paper making needs.Leizhan adpots advanced technology to manufacture it, which has constant power control system and excellent beating effect.

Stock Preparation Line Double Disc Refiner Features

1.Can be installed variety tooth refiner plate.
2.High quality refiner plate, small gap, good beating effect
3.Refiner plates are easy to check, maintain and replace
4.Automatic oil and water injection device, stable operation and long service life
5.Accurate retract mechanism, easy to control
6.Suitable various raw materials like wood pulp, chemical pulp, waste paper pulp, etc

Our double disc refiner has been in operation for many paper mills.Leizhan company provides full set of pulping and paper making machine and spare parts for years. Any needs, feel free to email us.

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