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High Speed Stock Washer For Paper Pulping Line

High speed stock washer is one of the complete set of paper&pulping equipment Leizhan company provides. We adopts world-class production technology to manufacture the high speed stock washer for paper pulping line, which not only can washing and concentrating various waste recycled pulp and chemical pulp, but also removes ink particles, fillers, etc.

High Speed Stock Washer Advantages

1.The whole machine adopts fully enclosed structure and stainless steel shell, which has clean operating environment, durable, and a long service life.

2.High speed stock washer is low-cost and high-return for paper mill because it has less occupied area, large production capacity and low power consumption

3.High ash removal rate for more than 90% and high impurity removal effect, improve whiteness of pulp and the finished paper

Besides high speed stock washer, Leizhan company manufactures all kinds of pulp and paper machinery. Our engineers will provide best proposal for your paper making project. Feel free to email us.

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