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How To Keep Doctor Blade Work Well In Paper Machine

The correct use of the doctor blade has a profound impact on the process management of modern high-speed paper machine. Through timely replacement, inspection and keeping clean of doctor blade could effectively improve the performance of the whole paper machine and improve paper product quality.

The Methods Of Making Doctor Blade Work Well For Paper Machine

1. Do not increase the pressure on the doctor blade that has been used for a long time and is in contact with the roller surface. Before increasing the pressure on it, you’d better replace with a new blade.

2. Regularly check the lubrication and clean water of the doctor blade to prevent the spray water pipe from clogging, thereby speeding up the wear of the doctor blade.

3. Regularly check the deformation of the doctor blade holder, and replace it if it is found; if the doctor blade uses a DST holder, the pneumatic tire should be regularly checked and replaced.

4. Keep the doctor blade holder clean to avoid difficulties when replacing the blade.

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