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Kitchen Towel Pulp Preparation System

As is well- known, kitchen towels are spread used in daily life. There are numerous customers who want to invest in tissue production projects. Leizhan company provides them with a full set of pulp and paper machine, including kitchen tissue paper machine, paper pulp preparation system and spare parts.

Kitchen Towel Pulp Preparation System Equipment

Pulping machine: hydrapulper designed by Leizhan. Vertical Hydrapulper, M.C. Hydrapulper and D Type Hydrapulper that suitable for kitchen towel making.

Cleaning machine: High Density Desander. The specific gravity of fibers and impurities is different, so that heavy impurities are separated from paper pulp. It occupies a small area, large production capacity, high purification efficiency and extreme low fiber loss rate.

Screening machine: Inclined Screen. A large amount of wastewater and waste pulp generated in the papermaking process are recovered through the inclined screen.

Refining machine: Conical Refiner and Double Disc Refiner. Used for beating and improving the beating degree of paper pulp in order to satisfy the papermaking needs.

Auxiliary system machine: Discharge pulp pump, pulp pump, agitator and other spare parts.


Our kitchen towel pulp preparation system machine is well received in a lot of countries, like Iran, Russia, UK, India and so on. Welcome to email us for competitive price and more details about the machine.

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