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Lee&Man Living Paper Pulping System Machine Orders

Leizhan company has been committed to providing customers with a full set of customized tissue paper pulping equipment. Lee&Man ordered an entire set of pulping systems, such as high consistency purification system, refining system and so on, for a total annual output of 125,000 tons of living tissue paper projects.

Full Set Of Pulping System Machine Details

Project Details:
1.Two sets of pulping system machine for toilet paper making with an annual output of 68 thousand tons.
2.One set of pulp preparation system machine for hand towel making with an output of 32 thousand tons one year.
3.One set of pulping system machine for kitchen paper manufacturing with an annual capacity of 25 thousand tons.
4.Two set of broke paper line matching with paper machine

Pulping Systems:
chain conveying system, pulping system, high consistency purification system, double disc refining machine, uniform refining machine, broke paper pulping machine, fiber relief machine, flow feeding system,etc.

We believe that this cooperation will bring satisfactory profits to Lee&Man. In fact, Leizhan has been always recognized by customers on living tissue paper projects. If you want more details about tissue paper making, welcome to email us.
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