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Light Impurity Separator For Paper Pulp

Our pulp amchine light impurity separator has been adopted by many paper mill production line, which has advantages of high efficiency, less energy consumption. Besides, we also offer other paper pulping machine and paper machine..


1. Function: deal with light impurities and tailings in the coarse screening section.
2. Features: inverted cone shape body, concave structure upper part, which can effectively suck away mild dirt and release it outward. The slurry discharge chamber of the rotor is higher than the bottom surface of the shell, forming a low-pressure area around the rotor to collect heavy impurities.
3.Capacity of production: 35-140t/d
4.Advantages: less cost than others, long service life, stable running,

About light impurity separator, our professional enginner will design the technical proposal depend on your demand. Feel free to send us an email or leave a message. Our email:leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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