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Low Consistency Impurity Removing System Machine

The low consistency impurity removing system mainly include chain conveyor, D type hydrapulper, drum screen, hydrapurger, rope cutter, ragger, grapple, etc. And all of these machine in the system has high quality and long service life.


1.System machine and function
Chain conveyor: convey waste paper in bulk and bundle into the D type hydrapulper.
D type hydrapulper: break waste paper, strengthen hydraulic circulation and fiber relief.
Drum screen: remove large light impurities in waste paper pulping.
Hydrapurger: remove light and heavy impurities of waste paper pulp.
2.System consistency: suitable for 3-5% consistency
3.Leizhan company: Strong technical force. The company has 82 patents, and has passed ISO 9001:2008 international quality management system certification, French BV certification, and German Rhine certification.

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