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Paper Pulping Machine Reject Separator Price

Paper production line by recylcing  waste paper needs efficient paper pulping machine, including reject seperator, which is used for fiber relief and impurities separation. Leizhan designs and produces reject separator made by best technology and strict production process. Therefore, our reject separator could help you reduce the cost and improve profits.

Main Advantages Of Reject Separator

  • Closed working condition, clean environment
  • Tailings have high concentration and are easy to handle
  • The rotor spiral blade accelerates the tailings forward
  • Openable upper cover brings low maintenance and convenience

Paper Pulping Machine Reject Separator Specification

Type PZ2 PZ3
Capacity 30-60t/d 60-90t/d
Motor Power 30-37kw 55kw


Our reject separator has been put into operation in a lot of factories and has brought them satisfying profits. With years of industry experience, Leizhan provides professioal complete set of paper pulping machine for our customers. Any needs, welcome to contact us.
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