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Pulp Making Line Machine For Kraft Paper

Kraft paper making project is always quite popular among our customers. The fact is that it’s vital for a paper mill to choose stable and efficient machine. Skillful engineers from Leizhan designed full set of kraft paper and pulp making line machine, which has high performance and long service life.

Kraft Paper Pulping Making Line Main Equipment

1. D Type Hydrapulper: The pulper is suitable for almost all kinds of raw material and it could work in the continuous mode.Quick and frequent contact between pulp and rotor to improve effciency.

2. High Density Cleaner: Remove all kinds of heavy impurities in paper pulp with low fiber loss. Designed wear resistance ceramics cone to promote service life.

3. Reject Separator: Specially designed rotor produce centrifugal force in the process of high-speed rotation and backwash water could relief pulp effectively, achieve pulp and impurities easily separate.

4. Low Density Cleaner: The cleaner can be divided into 3-4 parts, easy to install,check and maintence. Open and closed type impurity discharge to meet different working environment.

5. Inflow Pressure Screen: Automatic oil rejection device, seal water detection alarm device ensure safe running and reduce maintenance.Small motor power, sturdy and durable.

Feel free to email us to get more details about kraft paper making. Leizhan adopts strict quality control and exquisite craftsmanship to design and manufacture all paper&pulping machine. Our engineers will give you best proposal based on rich experience.
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