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Small Capacity Wood Pulp Processing Line Equipment

A lot of customers highly praise our complete set of machine for tissue paper production line, because the machine helps them to save a lot of expenses and have a long service life. Many of them use wood pulp as a raw material, and the toilet paper produced is of good quality and very popular in the market.

Wood Pulp Processing Line Equipment

Vertical Hydrapulper: 3m³, H=10mm, C=3-5%
High Density Cleaner: Q=1400l/min, C=3-5%, P=0.2-0.5MPa
Pulp Agitator: Ø700 mm, 40~60m³, C=3~5%
Double Disc Refiner: Ø380 mm, C=3~5%
Pulp Pump: Q= 50m³/h, H=12m, C=3~5%
White Water Pump: Q= 50m³/h, H=12m, C=0.3~0.5%

Wood Pulp Processing Line Tissue Paper Machine

Paper grade: High quality living paper or cultural paper
Production capacity: 5-50tpd
Basis weight: 13-40g/㎡
Trimmed width: 1575-3600mm

Feel free to email us to get more details and better price. For 40 years, Leizhan keeps providing full set of paper pulping machine and spare parts for paper mills around the world and brings much more profits to them.

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