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Sizing Machine of Paper Making Machine

Sizing Machine of Paper Making Machine

The sizing part of paper machine is to increase the paper strength and to modify the surface properties of the paper with respect to liquid uptake during writing, printing or coating on the paper.

Sized papers are of higher strength.This is important for liner and carrugated media, other packing papers, graphic papers. To increase the tensile strength the penetration of the size into the paper is desired. To increase the surface strength of the paper which is commonly used for printing, the size should remain on the paper surface. Reduces the penetration of liquids into the paper like ink spread when writing or printing on to the paper.

Sizing machine plays an important role in paper production process. It can highly improve the toughness and smoothness of end paper products. The strength of kraft liner board paper can be improved by sizing.

Structure of sizing machine

The sizing machine contains the following parts: rolls drive,  sizing roll, hard roll scraper, Sizing device, glue overflow device, lifting equipment of glue overflow device, walking board, glue collect tank, paper leading roll, sizing roll scraper.


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