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1575mm Cylinder Toilet Paper Product Line

1575mm cylinder toilet paper machine is for 2-3t/d capacity tissue paper making, which is suitable for small paper plants to produce toilet paper. It is essential for paper workers to know some basic knowledge about paper machine and paper making process. The following is something useful for paper makers.

Basic Technical Parameter

Raw material: waste paper, etc.

Output paper: Toilet paper, Tissue paper, Facial paper, etc.

Basis weight: 13—30g/m²

Net paper width: 1575mm

Design speed: 100-150m/min

Working speed: 80-120m/min

Product capacity: 2-3t/d

Drive way: AC variable frequency, section drive

Paper Production Process

Waste paper-Pulping-Screening-Pulp washing-Defibrination-Rescreen-Size mixing-Mixed pulp-Desander-Upper wire-Water absorption-Drying-Reeling-Slitting-Packing-Storage

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