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15t/d Tissue Paper Making Line

This tissue paper making machine provided by Leizhan company is used to produce toilet tissue paper of 15t/d production capacity, low cost and high quality are its main advantages.

Main Technical Data

Production kind: toilet paper, napkins, facial tissues, etc.

Raw material: scraps of packaging plants, wood pulp boards, straw pulp, etc.

Copying width: 3200mm

Basis weight: 30g/m2

Output: 15 tons / day

Design speed: 250m / min

Working speed: 220m / min

Gauge: 2400mm

Pressure method: pneumatic pressure

Transmission mode: universal joint drive, AC frequency control

Left and right mobile phone: customer optional

If you plan to start paper pulping and paper making project, welcome to consult, the whole production line can be provided by us. Email address: leizhanpulper@gmail.com.

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