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20TPD Tissue Paper Making Line


20TPD tissue paper making line contains tissue paper pulping line and tissue paper making line, the tissue paper machine and paper pulping equipment are all important for high quality tissue paper making. Leizhan is a professional manufacturer of paper& pulp equipment, can provide the complete tissue paper making line machinery.

20TPD Tissue Paper Making Machine

Raw material: Waste paper

Paper type: Tissue paper

Basic weight: 16-22g/m2

Capacity: 20t/d

Headbox lip width: 2400mm

Wire width: 2600mm

Operating speed:200-400m/min

Design speed:200-400m/min

Tissue Paper Making Line

Paper Pulping Line: Raw material coveying — Paper pulping — Pulp Cleaning — Pulp Screening — Pulp Refining

Tissue Paper Making Line: Headbox — Paper sheet forming — Paper pressing — Paper drying

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