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2400mm Tissue Paper Manufacturing Machine

For tissue toilet paper production line, we have 2400mm tissue paper manufacturing machine. And our paper pulp making machinery also can be used in tissue paper mill project.

2400mm Tissue Paper Manufacturing Machine Specification

Raw material: wood pulp, waste paper pulp
Paper type: tissue paper, toilet paper, napkin paper, facial paper
Trimmed width: 2400mm
Production capacity: 6 – 8t/d
Basic weight: 14 – 30gsm
Working speed: 160 – 200m/min
Paper pulping equipment: hydrapulper, refiner, pressure screen, etc.

In order to meet your demand, our enginner can design the proposal and we could supply toilet paper machine with the capacity from 5t/d to 50t/d. For the cost of 2400mm tissue paper manufacturing machine, welcome to contact us.

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