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2850/800 Crescent Tissue Paper Machine


2850/800 Crescent Paper Machine use commodity wood pulp as material for high grade toilet paper, hand towel, tissue paper making, the crescent paper machine details is following:

Net paper width: 2850mm

Base weight range: 12~25 g/㎡

Nominal Capacity: 22t/d

Working Speed: 500 m/min

Design Speed: 600 m/min

Gauge: 3800mm

Crepe ratio: 25%

Drive Type: Section drive, AC frequency control

Installed power: 520KW, drive power 180 KW

2850mm Toilet Paper Machine Structure

The 2850mm toilet paper machine is single wire, single felt, multiple points drive, medium speed crescent tissue paper machine, it is mainly made up of forming section, press and dryer section, electric control transmission section, reel section and so on. The construction is reasonable; the layout is compact; the take-up space is small.

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