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Bale Breaker In Paper Mill Making Line

Our company supply excellent bale breaker in paper mill making line. The pulp machine bale breaker could break and select waste paper, which has high efficiency, low cost and stable operation.

Paper Mill Making Line Bale Breaker

1.Packaging waste paper bales are conveyed from chain conveyor to infeed box, and then conveyed to dry screening system for unpacking. Waste paper bundles can be shredded into sheets in a short time.
2. Screening and impurity removal function:
The small, light and heavy impurities mixed in the waste paper are screened out by a professionally designed screening machine.
3. Select the classification function:
Waste paper of heavy miscellaneous, heavy miscellaneous, low-quality, high-grade paper is distributed on the selected chain plate in the form of flakes. , some high-grade paper is sorted out

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