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Bale Breaker Machine

Bale Breaker Machine

Bale Breaker Machine is mainly applied for waste paper bales breaking and selecting in paper making process, it can disperse bundle waste paper evenly , meanwhile effectively remove smaller, heavy impurities in waste paper under dry condition.

Bale Breaker Function

Bale Function: Bundle waste paper be conveyed into feed hopper, in bale dry screen system bundle waste paper will be dispersed.

Screen Function: Smaller and heavy impurities in waste paper will be removed by the hole of drum, like stones, staple, glass, plastic bag, etc.

Select and Sort Function: Smaller, Heavy impurities, bad waste paper and high waste paper are selected and sorted, in order to more effective use.

Bale Breaker Benefit

High effciency dry remove impurities.

Reduce following screen equipment load and energy consumption.

Reduce wear to the following equipment.

Improve use space of waste paper and impurities.

Increase paper cleanliness

Improve work environment

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