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Calender Paper Making Machine


Calender machine is to make the paper smooth and glossy for printing and writing in paper making process, so what’s the influence of calender machine for finished paper?

Calendering Machine Influence

1. The impact on thickness and air permeability:

The calendered paper sheet tightness increases, the thickness shrinks and tends to be uniform, so the printability increases, with the consequent reduction of the air permeability of paper sheet.

2. The impact on smoothness:

The more nips passed of the paper, the higher of the line pressure and the higher temperature of press roller, the higher smoothness of paper sheet and the lower difference between the two sides.

3. The impact on gloss:

Improve the line pressure, increase filler content, increase the moisture of paper into calendering machine, improve calender roller surface temperature, help to improve the gloss. However, the degree of whiteness measured by the reflection method is lowered due to the increase of transparency.

4. The impact on strength:

Tearing degree reduced after calendering; After calendering, longitudinal elongation rate slightly reduced; Burst resistance reduced after calendering.

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