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Common Faults Of Paper Machine

In the process of paper production, the paper machine usually occurs some failures, and it will bring bad influence to paper quality and production capacity if the fault can’t be solved in time. Therefore, it is crucial for paper makers to learn some knowledge about how to deal with the common fault of paper machine. The main failures can be divided into: wear, lubrication, and fatigue.


There are mainly two reasons for this fault. One is due to parts and equipment that are in contact with copper mesh, felt and paper pulp, finished paper chronically. Such as pulp pump, pulper, cleaner, vacuum box panel, press roll and calender, etc. Another is the relatively frequent movement of parts, such as doctor, cylinder, vacuum volt roller, vacuum pump, etc.


Mechanical rotation can’t be separated from bearings, the types and quantities of rollers are numerous, there are hundreds of bearings of various types, so lubrication management is very important, especially affected by water, high temperature and heavy load, lubricating oil is easy to lose, evaporate, aging, resulting in damage to the lubrication effect, resulting in bearing damage and shaft head wear. Therefore, regular inspection of refueling is essential.


Heavy load and continuous operation of machinery is prone to fatigue failure. On the paper machine, due to the restriction of mechanical structure and operation principle, the design strength of parts should not be too strong to avoid damage. Measures such as maintenance and technical reform can be taken to solve the problem.

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