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Cylinder Paper Machine And Fourdrinier Paper Machine


Cylinder Paper Machine and Fourdrinier Paper Machine both are used for paper making, but what’s the difference between them?

The Difference Between Them

The cylinder paper machine differs from the fourdrinier paper machine chiefly in the means by which a sheet of paper is formed. Instead of a level fourdrinier wire on which the stock flows and spreads evenly into a uniform sheet of paper, the cylinder machine has a cylinder mold, surface-covered with fine wire cloth, which revolves in a vat, containing fiber suspended in water. The dilute suspension of fibers is following to the face of the cylinder mold where felting occurs and excess water is drained. The end of the cylinder is open, and water flowing into the cylinder mold through the wire may flow out through the ends. Additional water is removed when the wet felt is pressed against the formed web of paper which is carried by the felt through the first press. From this point the remainder of the cylinder machine is quite like the Fourdrinier expect that the dryers are usually arranged threen or more high in two, three, or four vertical styacks. Cylinder machines used for making glazed paper or board frequently have a large “YanKee” dryer.

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