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Cylinder Paper Machine VS Fourdrinier Paper Machine


Cylinder Paper Machine and Fourdrinier Paper Machine both are for paper making, but they have different effect for paper making, there are some comparison about them.

Compare Cylinder Paper Machine And Fourdrinier Paper Machine

1. The paper sheet formed method of cylinder paper machine and fourdrinier paper machine is different.

2. A much greater variety of thickness of paper or board may be made on a cylinder machine than can be made on a fourdrinier paper machine. The range of thickeness is from the thinnest tissue to the thickness building board, wall board, box board, or roofing paper and every weight between these extremes.

3. Cylinder machine serveral diferent grades of pulp can be used in the same board. High grade pulp can be used one or both sides of appearance, while the middle or filler may consist of cheaper material. Theoretically, it is possible to use a different grade of stock in each cylinder. The number of grades actually used does not exceed three or four. The number of the cylinders may be as high as ten, but usually is six.

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