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Felt In Paper Making Process


As we all know, paper machine felt is necessary in paper making process, but when need to change felt, what should pay attention to for paper machine felt?

Paper Machine Felt Changes

1. Keep the felt clean and prevent the oil sticking to the felt.

2. There should be sufficient space between the roller, so that felt is easily put on, avoid pulling into felt from the gap.

3. Can not fall the press roller, couch roller or lift support roller and so on before felt is flattened on the roller. Mustn’t pressurized on the press roller before the paper machine is running properly.

4. Unloaded bearings, oil rings, screws and other components should be placed in a certain position, should be installed timely after changing felt.

5. When the felt is running slowly, they can be wetted evenly with water until the water is saturated, and then adjust the tension roller to make the felt tension to the optimum length, width and dehydration.

6. When downtime is longer, relax the felt to prevent excessive tension.

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