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Fiber Separator Equipment Maintenance


Fiber separator equipment is mainly for pulp secondary breaking and screening, for long service life, how to maintenance fiber separator equipment?

1. Adjust the distance between impeller and screen plate: Start-up operation, according to fine fiber release and production capacity of fiber separator equipment to further adjust the distance between impeller and sieve, pay attention to the motor current shall not exceed the rated value. Distance is too small to cause friction between impeller and sieve, damage to equipment, and make the motor start difficult.

2. The spindle seal material is graphite packing, if slurry leakage, tighten the packing gland nuts, require two nuts evenly pressed. Packing seriously weared, should be promptly replaced.

3. Regular lubricate equipment, bearings every two weeks filling ZGN-2, every six months to change the oil once.

4. After using for a period of time of fiber separator equipment to carry out maintenance, the slurry should be completed pulled before checking, then can open the front cover.

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