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H.C. Hydrapulper Manufacturer For Paper Project

In paper mill production line, we supply paper pulper machine, H.C. Hydrapulper. And more and more customers said we were a great manufacturer for paper project.

H.C. Hydrapulper Manufacturer For Paper Mill Project

1. Equipment: H.C. hydrapulper
2. Role: separate waste paper and ink under high consistency in waste paper deinking process.
3. Suitable for paper project: tissue paper mill project, cultural paper project, such as office paper making line.
4. Some sepcification about our hydrapulper
Production capacity: 20 – 260t/d
Consistency: 10 – 15%

If you need price or details of H.C. hydrapulper, or want to learn the information about leizhan manufacturer for paper mill production project, welcome to send email or message us directly.

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