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HeadBox In Paper Production Line

The heabox of paper machine component can be divided into four types, they are open type headbox, air cushion type headbox, full-flow type headbox and full-flow air-cushion combined type headbox. They have different working performance during paper making.

Four Types Of HeadBox

Open type headbox: the slurry speed of inlet pulp cylinder reeling machine depends on the height of pulp level in the box, and using overflow method to manipulate.

Air cushion type headbox: the upper part of box is closed, and the height of slurry in the box is fixed. The pressure of air cushion above liquid level is adjusted by open headbox to control the flow rate of net paper material cylinder paper machine.

Full-flow type headbox: it doesn’t have big box, and is usually reach required slurry speed by using pressure of slurry pump.

Full-flow air-cushion combined type headbox: which is provided with an air cushion box on a normally full-flow heabox, and the air cushion pressure in the air cushion box is used for regulating the speed of inlet pulp.

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