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How To Check And Repair Tissue Paper Machine

When tissue paper machine is in operation, a lot of small faults can be generated, when it is used for a period of time, it is need to maintain, so that its small failure will not affect the efficiency of work. However, when checking and repairing it, it is necessary to pay attention to the following issues.

Points To Be Noted

First, the geometric accuracy of part needs to be checked. When it is in use, the geometric accuracy or shape position will change. When it is maintained, it needs to be checked to ensure that there will be no error in its use. In general, during maintenance, its roundness, angle, parallelism and so on will be checked.

Second, the surface quality inspection, we should know that in the long-term use of toilet paper machine, it will appear some parts damage, scratch, burn, hair pulling and other phenomena, in view of these phenomena should be maintained in time.

Third, the inspection of mechanical properties, in the use of toilet paper machine, there are many parts have certain mechanical properties, in order to make these mechanical properties can be balanced use, then it is necessary to carry out a series of checks on its parallel state, spring measurement and so on, and maintain it, so as to ensure its normal use.

Fourth, the inspection of hidden defects, we should know that there are many hidden defects in the use of toilet paper making machine, such as internal slag inclusion, voids and so on. When checking it, we must pay attention not to omitting the hidden defects.

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