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Living Paper Making Machine Felt Cleaning


Living paper making machine felt cleaning need to specially considered, so what should be considered for living paper machine felt cleaning?

Living Paper Machine Felt Cleaning Considering

1. Low base weight, should use relatively delicate felt.

2. Compared with other non-living paper, the tissue paper base weight is very low, so the paper sheet is very weak. The tissue paper weakness may be illustrated by observing the operation of felt high pressure spray water. If the nozzle is not worn, use too high spray water pressure will lead to the premature damage of living paper felt.

3. YangKe dryer cylinder sticky cylinder and tidal strength agent may affect the effect of felt cleaning.

Living Paper Machine Felt Influencing Factors

1. Sticky substance: Small sticky particles in the pulp or white water system to aggregate into pieces, and formed discrete deposits. This is the source of most forming section and felt contaminants.

2. Wet strength agent: Due to the wet strength agent carries positive charge, there is no doubt that the wet strength agent will remain on the fiber and may form the initial deposit on the felt. The ability of the wet strength agent glue reflect is the main cause of forming a series of felt cleaning problems.

3. Oxidizing agent: Although the oxidant does not clog the felt but will cause the fibers of the felt to degrade. Use the oxidants to deal with broken paper with the addition of wet strength agent is the common case of felt damage.

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