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Paper Machine Pressure Screen Equipment


Paper Machine Pressure Screen is usually used before headbox for pulp further screen, it’s vital for final pulp to be made paper, so there are some operation tips about paper machine pressure screen.

Paper Machine Pressure Screen Tips

1. Paper Machine Pressure Screen is before headbox, screen slot spacing is generally 0.2-0.4mm. Commonly used is 0.35mm.

2. The effect of the pressure screen is to protect the paper machine and the wire.

3. Due to the pulp pump for paper machine, other process equipment and pipelines, etc. may cause the headbox inlet pressure fluctuation, and the pressure fluctuation will affect the paper weight fluctuation, the pressure screen can play the role of damping, slow down the pressure fluctuation.

4. The paper machine pressure screen’s screen slot is bigger than fine screen, then can get more fine pulp to paper machine, the motor power consumption is small, save cost.

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