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Paper Machine Spare Part Reeling Machine

Reeling Machine is mainly used for cutting large-size toilet paper from single-layer rewinding into single-layer, two-layer or three-layer paper for folding paper towels, napkins, boxed facial tissues and so on. it mainly relies on the weight of the paper roll and the friction of the rotation of the cold cylinder to drive the paper under the paper roll to be evenly wound, so the paper machine makes the paper more uniform and can meet the needs of different papers.

What Are Structure Characteristics Of Reeling Machine?

1.Winding up at the center of the two re-rolls, lifting in the fixed slot;
2.Frequency conversion motor drive;
3.Adopt constant tension control system; correcting and adopting photoelectric automatic correction system;
4.Automatic shutdown device, emergency stop function, and keep the same force;
5.The reel adopts a tension air expansion shaft, and the reel adopts a tension air expansion shaft;
6.Pneumatic feeding mechanism, pneumatic unloading mechanism, gas rising shaft positioning;
7.Shearing circular knife can be cut to adapt to the cutting of materials of different properties;
8.Equipped with a fan, using the wind blowing edge material; the length of the material is automatically counted.

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